I’m a retired computer security manager, enjoying my free time to pursue my various passions, which now  include pretty much everything except computer security.

My main passion is (and has been for many years) the possibility of transforming the argument between science and religion into a conversation. People who qualify for the Templeton Prize are my heroes.

I come to this discussion from the perspective of a lifelong-agnostic-turned-progressive-Christian.  I currently chair the Adult Christian Education ministry for an Episcopal Church in Georgia,  something I could not remotely have imagined doing even ten years ago.

Fundamentalists of all kinds in the science vs. religion wars will likely find much to criticize on this blog.  I’m in favor of toleration (a dirty word to many), skepticism (including skepticism about skepticism),  and open conversation that includes all who truly want to converse.

My credo (and the motto of this blog) is, “in a nutshell”,

The greatest enemy of truth is not faith, but certainty.